Salon Comet: Université de Cergy Pontoise, du 6 au 7 juin 2017

Logo_annee copie 3Many non-invasive methods are now used to characterize the cosmetic products properties, and their interactions with skin and hair.
Physico chemical studies, biological and clinical effects measurements,
the development of new instrumental techniques … are crucial for the cosmetic sector.
COMET has been created to facilitate researches, innovations and business in the fields of testing and measurement of cosmetic products and ingredients.

Challenges &

  • To assemble the cosmetic companies (R&D, regulatory, marketing, communications…) and academic scientists working on research topics linked to « testing & measurement » of cosmetic products.
  • To create links between academic research and the world of industry
  • To bring scientific themes and cosmetology closer together
  • To facilitate prospects development for cosmetics sector players
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