NIR Industry is the sole agent in France of Brimrose Corp. and the official trainer and distributor of the software editor CAMO.

We intervene in the analytical projects of ground, laboratories or process, from the advise up to the final supply, through installation, training and technical follow-up and maintenance.

We are members of :

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Camo is the world leader of software for the multivariated analysis of the data, the plans of experiment, the quality control, the classification of products, the optimization of the processes and the analysis of instrumental data.


Brimrose is one of leader in the manufacturing of solutions of electro-optical coupling for telecoms, control of on-line process for the pharma and chemical industry, NASA / Jet Propulsion Laboratory Spaceflight Center and for diverse military installations and defenses.

Brimrose is the leader in the technology AOTF with a strong activity of R&D photonique with quite particularly in the field of the applications in fiber optics, and recently the deposit of a patent on switches intelligent in high speed (of the order of the microsecond).


Partnership NIR-INDUSTRY/ Galenisys

We are proud to announce the partnership between NIR-INDUSTRY…

CHEMOMETRICS XVII: In January 17-20th 2016 in Namur

The Walloon Center of agronomic researches, and the French Group…

Our analyzer NIR-AOTF are commonly used in routine for process monitoring in chemical, polymer, oil & gas, food & beverage, pulp, and pharma industries worldwide…

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