Unscrambler / CAMO

The Unscrambler® software of the editor CAMO is one of for years standards in the software everything one for the multivariated analysis of the data (MVA) and for the experiment design (DOE) he possesses an innovative system of display of the data and solutions for the predictive modelling for the services of R&D and process in applications for the agri-food-processing, pharmaceutical, chemical and energy industry.

The last Unscrambler X version offers improvements in the efficiency of the calculations, the performance, the flexibility and the ease of use. You can now study your data and obtain results more quickly, more easily and with smaller size.


  • Edition of the data boards.
  • Graphical user-friendly interface
  • Exploratory analysis
    • Analysis in Principal Components (ACP)
    • Descriptive statistics
  • Models of Regression
  • Classifications SIMCA (Soft Modelling of Class Analogies) and PLS-Discriminant Analysis
  • DoE (experiments)

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