The portable EZRaman-I Series are compact, highsensitivity Raman instruments suitable for laboratory and/or field analysis requiring an affordable, high sensitivity Raman instrument.

Each instrument in the EZRaman-I Series features a 532, 785 or 905nm frequency-stabilized laser, a high sensitivity CCD spectrograph with CCD cooled to –60ºC, and a high throughput laboratory
fiber optics probe. The system achieves ~5-7 cm-1 standard average optical resolution and spectral coverage options available from ~100 to 3,300cm-1.

The Utilizing of longer wavelengths into the near infrared range for Raman excitation further reduces the interference of fluorescence and improves the capability for Raman analysis in materials
with strong fluorescence.

These instruments are ideal for demanding on-site Raman identification, chemical process monitoring in the lab, and for any academic, research, industrial laboratories requiring a high performance Raman instrument at an affordable price.


  • High Sensitivity Raman System for laboratory & on-site identification
  • High Power, NIR (905nm), 532 or 785nm Frequency Stabilized, Narrow Linewidth Excitation Source
  • CCD Cooled to –60ºC
  • Average Optical Resolution ~ 5cm-1, Spectral Coverage: ~100 to 3,300cm-1
  • High Performance Fiber Optics Probe (O.D.> 8 at laser wavelength)
  • Integrated Rechargeable Lithium Battery and Compact PC for field portability
  • Best Performance/ Cost Ratio
ModelLaserWavelength RangeLaser PowerAverage Spectral ResolutionDetector Temperature
EZ-I-7B1S785 nm100-3300 cm-10-350 mW7 cm-1 – 50 Deg C
EZ-I-7A2S785 nm 250-2350 cm-10-350 mW6 cm-1 – 50 Deg C
EZ-I-7A1S785 nm100-2200 cm-10-350 mW6 cm-1 – 50 Deg C
EZ-I-5B1S532 nm 100-3100 cm-10-50 mW7 cm-1 – 50 Deg C
EZ-I-5C1X532 nm100-4000 cm-10-50 mW10 cm-1 – 50 Deg C
EZ-I-DUAL785 nm, 532 nm 250-2350 and 100-3100 cm-10-350 mw, and 0-50 mW6 cm-1 and 7 cm-1 – 50 Deg C