Luminar 3010

The process analyzer Luminar 3010 NIR AOTF is a leading solution in near-infrared spectroscopy for the on-line analysis:  in quality control or production monitoring…

Our AOTF technology patented, allows to obtain a very high repeatability at high sensitivity, with a signal / noise ratio from 10 to 100 times better that other NIR technologies existing (FT, monochromator, diode array…).

This analyzer was developed to determine the physical & chemical properties of liquids, solids, powders, gels, etc.… in real production environment and classified area, with the use of various measurement probes as flow cell, optical fiber, etc.… And so be able to spread our technical solution in any kind of industrial installation of existing process.


  • Hydrocarbon: Gasoline, diesel, and kerosene blending
  • Polymers: Analysis for chemical, physical and mechanical properties of polyolefin and resins, Polymerization monitoring, NCO values, on-line catalyst identification.
  • Pharmacy / chemistry: Reaction monitoring, recovery, distillations, and complete inspection.
  • Dairy products: fat, protein, pH, lactose, dry extract, and more.
  • Paper pulp and Paper: Green, white and black liquor process control and monitoring.

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