• Hydrocarbon: gasoline, diesel, and kerosene blending
    • Polymer: chemical, physical and mechanical properties of polyolefin and resins, polymerization monitoring, NCO values, catalyst identification on-line
    • Pharmaceutical/Chemical: reaction monitoring, solvent recovery, distillations, and 100% inspection
    • Dairy: fat, protein, pH, lactose, moisture
    • Pulp & Paper: green, white, black liquor process control and monitoring

And more...

Luminar 3060

Brimrose solid-state AOTF-NIR Process Analyzers with Built-in Multiplexer have proven to be the leading process spectroscopy technology for industrial plant monitoring and control. Up to 16 sample streams can be analyzed, monitored, and controlled with the speed of light to ensure real-time, in process quality control 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Brimrose’s patented multiplexer technology couples unmatched repeatability with minimized insertion loss to produce a system performance of outstanding quality while achieving signal-to-noise ratios which only full light transmission analyzers can perform.

A wide variety of process interfaces including fiber-optic probes and flow cells allow Bimrose to implement successful solutions in many different industries.

16 Sample Stream AOTF-NIR Multiplexer Solutions for Plant Monitoring and Control