Real-time Applications

  • Blend Control: Real-time homogeneity monitoring and blending control process
  • Pharmaceutical: 100% inspection of solids, gels, liquids and powders
  • Agricultural/Food: On-line food analysis for fat, protein, moisture, starch, etc.
  • Polymer: In-site measurement of pellets, films, and coatings
  • Textile: Cotton/polyester ratio directly in the web
  • Drying Process: Direct placement on spray or fluidbed dryers
  • Pulp & Paper: On-line thickness and coating analysis
  • Tobacco: Measurement of nicotine, sugars, potassium, etc.

And more...


Free Space Process Analyzer is built to be placed directly into the production line.

Its rugged design and solid-state technology allows an installation right into the production environment, and its miniature size allows implementation where space is tight, such as small vacuum dryers, pipes, fluid beds, etc.

This high-speed NIR Analyzer is based on diffuse reflectance optics and can be integrated in a vast variety of housings to match your process area needs. However lab use is welcome.

Brimrose offers this rugged solid-state analyzer in a variety of different configurations to meet the high demand of different industries and applications. The FreeSpace analyzer meets all requirements and standards for on-line applications in the pharmaceutical industry and is built to work reliably even in the toughest environmental conditions. The integrated AOTF-NIR technology offers outstanding S/N ratio combined with ultra high speed scanning rates and makes it possible to analyze in real time, on-line and with laboratory accuracy.