Brimrose has developed a portable platform for conducting non-destructive and contact/non-contact analytical testing and inspection that extends versatility from the laboratory to the production floor and to the field.

The Brimrose Solid-state Luminar 5030 “Hand-held” Miniature AOTF-NIR (Acousto-Optic Tunable Filter-Near Infrared) Analyzer is a rugged hand-held analytical instrument that utilizes Brimrose’s high performance AOTF-NIR technology.

By delivering rapid, multicomponent analysis for a wide variety of applications that include diffuse reflectance measurements of powders, pellets, liquids, web-based and solid products, use of the Luminar 5030 offers a new powerful tool for quality control and process troubleshooting. Additional probe attachments allow to use same analyzer for liquid transmission measurements.

Rugged Hand-held Analytical Instrument for Process Quality Control