What’s New in Version 2.0?

  •  Heatmap and Image Plotting
  • New Preprocessing Methods:
  • Apply Weighting, Offset and Scaler weighting to selected variables.
  • Class Centring, Poisson Scaling, Pareto Scaling

These methods are excellent for scaling instruments that generate count data

  • New Analysis Methods: Machine Learning Made Easy !
  • Support Vector Machine Regression and Classification
  • Extreme Gradient Boosting Regression and Classification

Interactive model setup and controls make it the easiest implementation of these methods in a software package !

  • Compression Methods: Use PCA and PLSR Model Scores as inputs into MLR, SVM and XGBoost Methods.
  • General Improvements
    • Guided Wave (.json) file import.
    • Improved Application of Preprocessing Templates when compiling an Analysis method.
    • Customised Analysis Plot Layout Templates.
    • Audit Trails can be saved in PDF format.
    • Class Variables can be applied to Prediction data.
    • Axis formatting added to all Analysis plots