SentroBlender is a laboratory scale bin blender for very small blend sizes with integrated NIR port and all necessary controls.
NIR PAT methods development for powder mixing processes can be time consuming and expensive. The amount of API needed is proportional to the scale and the overall time needed for a normal bin blending process including preparation, discharging and cleaning can be quite long.

SentroBlender helps shortening the development time to a minimum while at the same time the amount of material required is minimized.

With batch sizes of only 50 – 100g a complete DoE with 30 – 40 different concentration levels can be finished within only 1-2 days.

The system can be used with any Sentronic PAT NIR for container blending (SentroPAT BU and SentroPAT DA)

The method transfer to large scale can be accomplished by adding a small number of data acquired at the larger scale into the NIR method.

Due to the small size of the overall system it is possible to insert the system optionally into a glove box to allow handling of more potent products

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Technical Data SentroBlender
Flange Standard 4″ flange with 8.5mm thick sapphire
Equal to standard connection for process equipment
Sample adapter Flexible connector for different bins and bottles
Easiest replacement of sample bins
2″ square bins available as accessory
Sample container size max. height 175mm, max. diameter or length 124mm
Control Touch panel for control and configuration
Process control Configurable for time and number of rotations
Rotation speed up to 60 rpm
Safety Emergency stop connected to housing / protection cover
Power supply 90-260 VAC
Dimensions incl. cover (H x W x D) in mm 700 x 700 x 640
Weight 90kg

Compact powder blending system with NIR capabilities

  • Mounting flange and sapphire equal to larger scaled process equipment
  • Easy to control and configure by a touch panel
  • Configurable for blend time or number of revolutions
  • Speed up to 60rpm
  • Flexible fixation of sample bins or bottles for highest flexibility