Sentro ID is a very efficient solution for the identification and analysis of solid, pasty, and liquid samples.

The use of SentroID will make work intensive, time consuming, and sometimes expensive laboratory analysis obsolet.

Material identification and analysis – easy – reliable – fast.

Main features:

  • < 1 minute / analysis
  • Easy to use
  • Mobile and stationary use
  • No sample preparation
  • Easiest cleaning
  • Usable for solids, semi-solids as well as liquids
  • No or minor loss of material

Et plus...

Technology Diode array based NIR spectrometer for diffuse reflectance
Wavelength range 920 – 1680nm (10870 – 5950 wavenumbers)
Pixel 512
Spectral Resolution approx. 6nm (FWHM)
Temperature Range 15 – 35°C
Weight 1100g
Dimensions 230 x 80 x 42mm
Operation time battery > 8h (depending on frequency of use)
Power supply 24 VDC / 1.5A
Battery charging Internal charging
Reference Internal standard, no external standard required
Interfaces USB2.0 (for optional connection to a PC)
WiFi (802.11 b,g,n) for immediately protocol generation and data storage
System requirements PC with Windows XP or Windows7, printer for automated protocol generation
Scope of supply SentroID – system
Sample dish made of ceramic for liquids and semi-liquids
Robust transportation case
External power supply (24V 1.5A)