The new ProRaman-W Series are high-performance laboratory Raman instruments suitable for industrial applications or laboratory experiments requiring an affordable, high sensitivity Raman instrument.
Each system in the ProRaman-W Series features a 785nm frequency stabilized laser, a high sensitivity spectrograph with cooled CCD to –60ºC, and a high throughput laboratory fiber optic probe.

Each system achieves ~4.5-6.5cm-1 average optical resolution (depending on the model) with spectral coverage available from ~250—2,350cm-1; ~100—2,200cm-1; or ~100—3,300cm-1.The ProRaman-W Series is ideal for demanding laboratory Raman identification, chemical process monitoring in the lab, and for any academic, research, industrial laboratories requiring an affordable, high performance Raman instrument.


  • High Sensitivity Raman System for Laboratory & Industrial Process Monitoring
  • High Power, NIR, Frequency Stabilized, Narrow Linewidth Excitation Source
  • CCD Cooled to –60°C
  • Averaged Optical Resolution ~4.5cm-1 , Spectral Coverage: ~250 to 2,350 cm-1 ;
    (785nm excitation)
  • HRP-8 High Throughput Laboratory Probe ( O.D. > 8 )
  • Best Performance / Cost
ModelLaserWavelength RangeLaser PowerAverage Spectral ResolutionDetector Temperature
PRO-W-7B1X785 nm250-3200 cm-10-450 mW 5 cm-1 -60 deg C
PRO-W-5B2X532 nm250-3200 cm-10-100 mW 5 cm-1 -60 deg C
PRO-W-5C2X532 nm250-4400 cm-10-100 mW 10 cm-1 -60 deg C