NIR-INDUSTRY has been a distributor and trainer in chemometrics on the Unscrambler software suite from the software Editor CAMO for more than 15 years for many industrial sectors: pharma, chemicals, biotech, agriculture, agrifood, …

Following the recent acquisition of CAMO by ASPENTECH and to ensure this collaborative continuity, we are proud to announce our new official partnership with ASPENTECH, as the French distributor of ASPENTECH’s solutions and especially Unscrambler.

We therefore offer the various Unscrambler, Unscrambler HSI, Process Pulse software, etc. as well as support & training for your users during online and / or on-site sessions.

If you want more information to acquire a single-user or network license but also to update your current version for maximum efficiency, please contact us.

We will be able to offer you the right solution.